Saturday, February 15, 2014

Weekend Link Round-up

"In Defense of Crying About Jesus":
As I wiped a tear from my eye, I realized that this was emotion as a response to beauty, not emotion for emotion’s sake. I can see how an event where there is pressure to have a certain reaction would be dangerous. If there’s a feeling like “IT’S THE CRESCENDO OF THE JESUS SONG, SO ALL GOOD CHRISTIANS WILL CRY NOW,” that’s a problem.
But if you have an auditorium full of people getting teary-eyed or waving their hands as an authentic response to beauty, it’s something different — something good.
"Why Writers Are the Worst Procrastinators":
If you’ve spent most of your life cruising ahead on natural ability, doing what came easily and quickly, every word you write becomes a test of just how much ability you have, every article a referendum on how good a writer you are. As long as you have not written that article, that speech, that novel, it could still be good. Before you take to the keys, you are Proust and Oscar Wilde and George Orwell all rolled up into one delicious package. By the time you’re finished, you’re more like one of those 1940’s pulp hacks who strung hundred-page paragraphs together with semicolons because it was too much effort to figure out where the sentence should end.
"L.A.'s Wildest Cafeteria Served Utopian Fantasy With a Side of Enchiladas": I loved this article! I've actually been to Clifton's Cafeteria - my husband's grandfather took us there when he was showing us his old stomping grounds in downtown Los Angeles. But I didn't know all its history! Everything from feeding the hungry in Jesus' name to facing down mobsters! Wow!

Finally, I really enjoyed this cover of "Royals" - what a voice!:

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