Monday, October 28, 2013

Knitted FO's and WIP's

I finally got a better shot of my second Color Affection - and it's finally turning chilly enough to use it!
And I'm up to 200 hexipuffs on my Beekeeper's Quilt:
I love how the rainbow scheme is finally starting to really show! (I just might be addicted to knitting socks in order to have the scraps to make hexipuffs out of.)

And speaking of socks, I finished another pair:
Nothing like handknit, squooshy socks for the winter.

And in even more basic knitting, I whipped up a bunch of new dishcloths to replace the ones that were getting warm and hole-y (but not holy):

What are you creating these days?

Peace of Christ to you,
Jessica Snell


jen said...

impressed with all your yarnwork, especially the color affection!

i haven't been able to crochet since this spring because of my hands and wrists which got crabby during lent.

Jessica Snell said...

thank you, Jen! I hope your hands get better. :(