Friday, March 15, 2013

Links: Holy Week and Vikings!

"Holy Week Idea":
My dear friend Jerusha passed along this great idea to mark Holy Week. But you have to prepare early, so I’m sharing it now.
Their family used no electric lights during Holy Week last year. For morning and evening light, they used only candles. I loved this idea, but had no candles in the house last year . . .
"History Channel Gets Vikings Precisely Wrong":
Every story has to be about some dynamic young person (who wants freedom) in conflict with a hidebound old conservative, who lives by oppression.
The problem — and this is serious in a series coming from a network that calls itself the History Channel — is that this is precisely the opposite of the political dynamic that was actually playing out in the Viking Age.

And I had that link above, written by Lars Walker, already copied onto this post when I read the news that his new novel is out! So excited - his Viking novels are awesome: history, fantasy, and Christianity all rolled into one adventuresome, orthodox bundle. Here's a link to the latest, Hailstone Mountain, and here's a review. Looking forward to reading it!

Peace of Christ to you,
Jessica Snell


Martha said...

What a great idea to use only candles during all of Holy Week! ♥ We of Orthodox Christian faith actually just started Lent and celebrate the Resurrection on May 5th this year. Next year, all Christians will celebrate together on April 20th again!!!

Jessica Snell said...

Oh, I'm glad we get to celebrate it together again next year! those are the BEST years. :)