Monday, March 25, 2013

Holy Week is EXACTLY for the faint of heart

So, over at At a Hen's Pace, I saw a post titled, "Does Holy Week Prep Count as a Lenten Discipline?" and my immediate reaction was, "I sure hope so!"

It feels like that's all I'm doing lately! Palm crosses, and will the Paschal candle get here in time? Linens and does anyone actually know where we're setting up the thurible stand? Do we have enough wine for four masses in one week and how can we best help the children navigate all these long, challenging, amazing services when mostly they're just going to be so very, very tired?

Yeah. And then I saw Anne Kennedy's post titled, "a week to think about Jesus and get really really tired" and I thought, Yeah. That.

So. I'm not sure I'm going to be blogging for the rest of this week - and I might take Bright Week off, too. Right now, it feels pretty important to direct all my energy towards family and home: both my family and my home, and my church family, our other home.

But I'm so grateful for all of you wonderful people I've met through this blog, and I'm looking forward to seeing you again on the other side of this long, wonderful celebration. So let me wish you all the best of Holy Weeks. God grant all of us grace to meet Him in the middle of our long days, in our tiredness, in our worry, in our sin, remembering always that He took all of that guilt and grief and iniquity upon Himself, so that we no longer have to bear it.

A blessed Holy Week to you, friends.

Peace of Christ to you,
Jessica Snell

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