Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Daybook for March 19, 2013

outside my window . . . it's a lovely day in the 70's. There are times when living in L.A. is not so bad.

I am listening to . . . "Safe and Sound", because Lucy thinks it's perfect "falling asleep" music and pretending to nap is apparently very fun when you're a great big five-year-old girl.

I am so grateful for . . . good friends visiting tonight!

I'm pondering . . . what to do with the delivery of palms that just showed up at my house. They're for church, for Palm Sunday, but they showed up here because I'm head of the Altar Guild, and so I ordered them. But they are TOO BIG to fit in my fridge. Not quite sure what to do . . .

I am reading . . . the "Cold Sheep" thread on Ravelry. Very inspiring. Makes me want to knit ALL THE THINGS.

I am creating . . . socks for me, kilt hose for Adam, and a dress that was supposed to be for a friend's new baby but might end up being for my girls because I (like an idiot), did check my gauge . . . I'll consider it a trial run for the baby, shall I? :)

Oh. And books.

I am thankful for . . . books and the chance to revise them.

around the house . . . there are many, many, many Legos. Gamgee just had a birthday and his grandparents and aunts and uncles just know him so well.

from the kitchen . . . we had our corned beef, for St. Patty's, last night and it was YUMMY. By some miracle, we had a bit left over (that never happens) and so I'm thinking of dicing it up and sticking it in scalloped potatoes for tomorrow's dinner.

real education in our home . . . enjoying watching Bess learn to play the piano. She's starting to play with adding chords to melodies, even when she's not supposed to be practicing - just for the fun of it. Lovely.

the church year in our home . . . well, aside from the aforementioned giant pack'o'palms, all six of us went to an Irish dance, held in honor of St. Patrick, at a local church this weekend. It was SO MUCH FUN. All of us filling their huge gym, spinning round in circles, kids joining in and getting underfoot (and getting tired and sitting around the edges of the room munching cookies) . . . I could do that every night for a month and not get tired of it.

Also thinking about St. Joseph, whose feast day is today (IIRC), and feeling very thankful for my husband and for my father, the two best dads I know.

How's your day going?

Peace of Christ to you,
Jessica Snell

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