Thursday, February 21, 2013

Links - writing schedules, parenting, and more!

"A day in the life of EE {daily routines, systems and time management for my life as a writer}" - I love posts about how other writers and moms schedule their days, and this is a really good one, partly just because it's so honest about the cost.

"How Star Trek Deep Space Nine Helped Invent Everything You Love":
It seems like a weird thing to mention now, because every random cop show or space adventure has storylines that carry on from episode to episode, more like serialized novels than collections of self-contained stories. But back when Deep Space Nine started, the idea of following "arcs," especially ones that went on for more than one season, was still more unusual on TV. For a Star Trek show, especially, it was considered weird to have so many continuing storylines.
"Never Again Hate Self Promotion":
It comes down to how you look at business as a whole. Businesses exist to provide people with something of value. If you take your business seriously, and run it with integrity, then you are doing something good for the world. There is no shame in telling people about it.
"Here We Are":
Sometimes, we just have to acknowledge that life has its indisputable stinkiness, and that our own stupid choices, or our own stupid fates, have made it impossible to have what is clearly superior. But sometimes, we end up open being grateful for our failures, because it make one thing really clear: we're not here to be particular kinds of parents. We're here to be the parents of particular kids.

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