Friday, February 22, 2013

7 Quick Takes

1. Editing a book about celebrating the church year in the home is pretty congenial work, generally speaking. But editing the Christmas chapter in the middle of Lent is a bit jarring. Not to mention hunger-inducing: mulled wine, gingerbread, stollen . . . mmm.

2. I am also starting to edit in my dreams. I don't know why my brain thinks it needs to spend its rest time making sure its thoughts are thought in accordance with the Chicago Manual of Style, but I wish it would knock it off.

3. I have now reached the point of Lent when I realize that I am not a high-minded person who's delighted to fast. No: I am a wannabe who likes to think she's delighted to fast. I am actually grumbly and grumpy and disgruntled from the inside out.

And I'm shocked, just shocked, that it took me all of about a day to figure that out.

4. Also: Lent is really long. I always forget that beforehand, too.

5. I have a Paschal candlestand in my bedroom. I have a Paschal candlestand because I'm in charge of the Altar Guild so it was my job to order it and put it together.

It's in my bedroom because I don't want the cat to mistake it for a scratching post before I have a chance to bring it to church.

6. I had to fight my eight-year-old this week to get her to stop reading and do her homework.

Which felt so very, very backwards.

7. Also, what I had to fight her to stop reading? The Fellowship of the Ring. (And yes, that is just a straight-up brag. I told you I'm not as high-minded as I like to think I am!)

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Peace of Christ to you,
Jessica Snell


Anonymous said...

hee-hee. My favorite is #5. But then, I have a fondness for said candlestand, since as a member of the Altar Guild, I got to (heckle) 'help' you as you put it together ;)) Mom

jen said...

#3: I tend to get really bitey when I fast. It's kind of like the Snickers commercial with Joe Pesci. I'm candid about everything, tend to say what's on my mind, and have little patience for Sacramento drivers who create their own traffic jams from scratch.

becca said...

Lent is ever so long. It's like the end of winter/start of spring here. It stops snowing (for real anyway) at the end of February and then it is gray and muddy and cold and dismal until the middle-end of April when the crocuses start to pop up and the daffodils come. But, then it is easter and really spring and there is an absolute riot of flowers and leaves and color and oh! the fragrance. (Living in a place where there are seasons is so good for my soul).

Sorry... I got off track there. Lent is f o r e v e r.

And you should brag about your dear sweet girl reading the Fellowship. Spectacular!

And I love that you dream like that. I had a dream about Excel workbooks the other night. Must make the numbers balance. ;)