Thursday, September 15, 2011

Links! Why Writers Drink, Let's Rush to Judgement, and more

Sharon Lee (coauthor of the excellent Liaden books) writes about "Why Writers Drink, Part Whoknows", a post about intellectual property rights and the villains who don't know what those words mean. I like:

The whole Orphan Works Issue that we all hear so much about and which is the total justification put forth by universities and Google and proselytizing professors? Is a red herring. There are NOT millions or even hundreds of thousands of Brilliant! Works! Still! In! Copyright! just lying around the place whose authors-or-rights-holders have fallen off the face of the earth and cannot be found, that in-force copyright therefore Robbing! The! Ages! of those gems.

Fellow fans of Georgette Heyer will enjoy this interview with the author of a new biography on the grand dame of the Regency romance. Plus, the author's giving away a copy of the book!

NPR's Monkey See blog has a great feature called "Let's Rush to Judgment" which critiques movies solely based on their trailers. The post for the new Breaking Dawn trailer is hilarious, including sentences like this:

As if that weren't enough, MONSTERBABY is not a very easy pregnancy, since it is attempting to devour Bella in a "trapped in a giant pile of M&Ms, I could only try to eat my way out, nom nom nom" kind of way.

Oooh! "Om-nom-nom danger!" Seriously, this is going to be the most unintentionally hilarious movie every made. It's so, so sad.

(But read the NPR post. It's funny.)

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