Saturday, September 17, 2011

crocheted finished objects: hats, gloves, and more!

I've finished a few things lately. First, a little vest for a friend's soon-to-arrive baby:

I love how it looks a bit like an old grandpa sweater. I think it's the folded collar that really cements the look of the piece:

Little baby boys so often look like funny little old men, I thought the old-man vest might be especially cute. :)

I crocheted it in Wool-Ease, my first time using that yarn, and I quite liked it. The wool content takes away that artificial slickness you sometimes get with acrylic, but it's still largely acrylic, so it'll be easy for the new mom to just toss into the wash if it gets burped on.

Then, I finished another Christmas present, a beanie crocheted up in a self-striping sock yarn:

This was the project I carried around in my purse for a few months, working on it here and there as I was out and about. Happy with how it turned out, but glad to be done with it!

Then, a favorite, my dad's handwarmers:

This was fun because he actually requested a pair after I wore my own pair on our backpacking trip, except he wanted some in green. I hunted about, found a yarn that would work, and played with the pattern till it fit him. They're his stocking stuffer, but not a surprise, as I kept making him try them on as I tried to adjust the pattern!

Then, I made up just a few more yarn-eating baskets. I had fun with these, but I think I'm done with them for awhile. I achieved my goal of using up some yearn I had no other plans for and making room for some yarn that my sister had recently passed on to me. Everything fits in the crates I have set aside for yarn storage again.

Here's my favorite:

I like the subtle, tweedy appearance.

This one's not bad either:

This one, however, is downright Seussian, from the garish colors to the crazy corners (hey, I was experimenting):

I have no idea what I'll do with it.

And, finally, one last, heavy-duty tote:

Whew! That was a lot of single crochet stitching! I just started up a new project, using some of the laceweight cashmere I harvested from a thrift-store sweater, and I think it'll be a nice change of pace after all this heavier work.

Of course, the laceweight is so light and delicate that it snags on any bit of rough skin on my fingers and threatens to tear if my tension is even slightly too tight. So it's got its own challenges! But it's delicate and pretty and just what I'm in the mood for now.

What are the rest of you working on?

Peace of Christ to you,
Jessica Snell

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