Friday, April 29, 2011

Yarn and Easter Egg Dyes

One of the lovely things about being a liturgical Christian is that you don't need to get all your holiday done on one day. Easter is fifty days long, and if you don't get all your celebrating done on Easter Sunday itself, it's fine.

We didn't dye our eggs till yesterday. And when we were done, there was, of course, dye leftover.

And I had this yarn:

Pretty, but I'm not really a peach person. I bought it along with something else I really wanted once upon a time on Etsy. So I cut off a couple of pieces and test-dyed them. Here are the little dyed bits sitting on the unaltered yarn:

Blue! Green! Much more me. So I started the dye process, assisted by a little girl with pretty Easter-egg colored nail polish on:

I ended up with this:
Turning it over, I found that I'd been overly-ambitious and that it wasn't such a good idea to stuff three skeins of yarn into one Corningware dish - see the undyed peachy stuff underneath?

So I added some food coloring and heated it again. I got most of the peach stuff out, though there's still a bit here and there. Here it is when I was re-skeining it over the backs of two dining room chairs:

The cool thing is, I did get the long color changes I wanted. Instead of being variegated, it actually has a long length of green and then a long length of blue and then a long length of purple.

Here it is all pretty and dry:

I admit that it's not quite the color I was hoping for, and still a little too pink to be perfect, but for a first try I'm pretty pleased!

Peace of Christ to you,

Jessica Snell

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Ann said...

That's so great-- sort of self-striping I can't wait to see what you make with it.