Thursday, April 14, 2011

lots of lace!

I've finished all three dresses!

Well, I've finished all the crochet-work; I still have to line one of them, so I have no good pictures of that yet. I lucked out on Bess' though, because she has a slip from another dress that fits perfectly under the one I made, which saves me making a lining. Here's the dress:

I made the skirt (see the pretty skirt?)

using Doris Chan's Walking After Midnight pattern. It's a pattern for an adult skirt, so I took out a couple of the pattern repeats in order to make the waist smaller, and then I added a bodice of my own design, stealing the shell stitch pattern from yet another book.

I'm really pleased with how it turned out. But Bess? she's pleased with how twirly it is:


Katie K said...

That is such a pretty dress! Great job adapting the pattern to make it work- amazing. I love the twirlyness too. =)

Ma Torg said...

How pretty! Is the orange one of the dresses or Sam's vest?

Jessica said...

Thanks Katie and Kelly!

And, no, the orange one is actually a bit more of a peach in real life, and it belongs to one of the girls.