Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Hmm, haven't done a links post for awhile. Here you go!

My husband has a post about Lenten fasting and what we do with the time our fasting frees up.

Amy has a free e-book on homeschooling with Down Syndrome.

The Murrays share about artificial surfectant, and how it means breath and life for babies born prematurely. This invention saved the lives of two of my own children, and I appreciated knowing that it was money from the March of Dimes that allowed for the research that discovered it. Artificial surfectant is the reasons early babies routinely survive now - babies who would have died in years past.

Tienne's post about her Lenten internet fast is well-worth reading.

I thought this New York Times article about exercise was worth reading too. It summarizes the findings of a bunch of different studies. The conclusion is that exercise is important to health, and even to weight loss, but in the latter case, it might be important in different ways than we previously thought. It's a nice rejoinder for all those recent articles that claim that exercise doesn't help you get in shape at all.

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Amy said...

Thank you so much for linking to my ebook!

I've been so busy with it I haven't been around much but hopefully that will change soon. I always love your links posts!