Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Links: juggling, chastity, showers and more!

My husband (who's probably craft-i-er than me) has a new how-to up on Instructables, on how to make weighted juggling balls that won't take up too much space in your backpack. So if you've got someone on your gift list who likes juggling (or wants to learn), this is the tutorial for you. Send along some nifty octohedral juggling balls so that he has something fun to do on his lunch break.

(The guys at my husband's work do all sorts of things on their lunch breaks: juggling, practicing handstands, putting together role-playing games, practicing martial arts, playing cribbage . . . they've even been known to break out the didgeridoos.)

Also, if you want to learn to juggle, Adam also has a nifty little Instructable on your basic three-ball cascade.

I found this article on how movie-dubbing works to be really interesting, especially as we're occasionally listening to the Spanish track instead of the English on our DVD's these days.

This woman's defense of saving sex till after marriage is worth reading. I liked this part especially:

I believe that having sex permanently alters your relationship with someone: makes you connected to them forever in a really transformative way. Once again, this is something that our culture doesn’t really believe but I think that it is true nonetheless and that we can see the effects, acknowledged or not. Therefore having that relationship with more than one living person would be highly problematic.

A post on how to shower? Yes. Seriously. I loved this. And the rest of the blog is one of those ones where you want to go back and read the entire archives (which I'm currently doing). Thanks to Ann for the link!

The Rev.'s Matt and Anne Kennedy are writing about their past year, and the mercies God has shown them. It's compelling stuff, and if you're interested at all in matters Episcopal and Anglican - or if you just want to read about the cost and the blessings of following Jesus - you'll want to read their account.

peace of Christ to you,

Jessica Snell

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