Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Books I'm in the middle of

Okay, after yesterday's list of books I completed in 2009, I feel like I should admit to my weakness: at any given time, I have a huge list of uncompleted books. I told my mom this last week, and she looked baffled. Apparently most people read one book at a time. 

I don't. I start a book, then I drop it if something more compelling comes along, then I get back to it eventually. And I read different books differently. I'll usually have a book for each room of the house. Say, a poetry book in the downstairs bathroom, and a history book in the upstairs (to read while flossing!) and one in the dining room (something that's easy to look up from, so I can help the kids with their meals) and then a couple in the living room (something relaxing or, alternately, a tome that needs undivided attention while it's being read).

So, here is the list of books I'm in the middle of right now (ones that I actually intend to either finish, or to at least give a good hearty skim to):

-The Count of Monte Cristo - Halfway through this one, reading it with my husband. But we abandoned it for . . .

-Memories of the Future, by Wil Wheaton - about halfway through this one too. It's hilarious, but life got busy over Christmas, and we wanted something on audio, rather than something we had to take turns reading out loud. So we abandoned the always-entertaining Wil for an audio version of . . .

-The Lord of the Rings - We're in the halls of Moria, and making excellent time. (Though I'm wincing at what's about to happen at the bridge of Khazad-dum . . .)

-For the Children’s Sake - almost done with this one. Which is good, because I  need to return it to the very kind lady who loaned it to me.

-The Circle of Seasons - I like what I've read so far.

-El Dorado - Sir Percy! I love Sir Percy! I think I'm getting close to the end on this one.

-Our Village - this one is lovely, but it's so slow-paced (in a good, Sunday-afternoon sort of way) that I have trouble picking it up on a busy weekday

-There Shines Forth Christ - I'm reading this one a few poems at a time. The images are striking and often beautiful.

-The English Village - a research book I'm slowly plowing through.

-Behind the Scenes: Domestic Arrangements in Historic Houses - I've actually read great chunks of this, but never read it cover-to-cover, so I'm working on doing this. This book is GREAT. Best book on day-to-day life in the great houses of England out there. It's extremely detailed and utterly fascinating.

-Home Comforts - I don't know if I'll actually read this cover-to-cover, but I want to read a lot more of it than I have. Ultimate housekeeping handbook, and if nothing else, check it out from the library just for the introductory essay.

-The Divine Conspiracy, by Dallas Willard - Always good, sometimes daunting.

-Finding God’s Will for You - Another book by St. Francis de Sales. I picked it up after I finished Introduction to the Devotional Life.  This one is, so far, just as good, and a very appropriate read for the new year, I think.

-County Maps and Histories: Berkshire - more book research.

-On Writing by Stephen King - a birthday present, and a very apt one, because - though I don't want to read King's fiction - I've been fascinated by him for awhile. His articles here and there on craft are always spot-on, so I've been wanting to read this non-fiction, full-length treatment of the writing life for quite some time.

Okay, there you go! My book-reading fault of distraction on full display. 

I admit: I am pondering a New Year's resolution about finishing up these books in 2010. Maybe saying I have to finish one of the ones I'm in the middle of in between each new one I start up?

peace of Christ to you,

Jessica Snell


Kerry said...

I do the EXACT same thing. I'm in the middle of quite a few books...a few I've utterly abandoned and a couple I'm still plugging away at.

I did decided to finish Lost to the West before I pick up anything else. :) Well, sort of, I am starting some devotional reading.

Emily (Laundry and Lullabies) said...

How have I known you this long, and not known about this peculiar idiosyncrasy? I'm pretty sure reading 15 books at a time is outside of normal. :)

By the way, thank you for your great comment on my scheduling post!

SarahLee08 said...

I love reading your blog; you're about the only person I know who reads more than me. So I always feel comforted (and inspired to check out new books!) when I read your blog. :)

Amber said...

That Behind the Scenes book sounds fascinating!! I've been thinking for awhile now it would be interesting to do a thesis paper looking at what happens to a population when you have a large servant class - how that affects childbearing, marriage, family life... it would be interesting to compare that to the present day as well. Obviously not something I'll probably ever do, but I find it interesting to contemplate how that would affect the structure of society.

And let's see, I have five? six? books I'm reading right now. Oh, wait, just thought of another one. Seven. But I'd have to look at my nightstand to be certain. And if you count our read aloud w/ the kids, that's eight. Oh, nine if you count my book discussion book too. *grin* OK, I'll stop - it is way late and I need to go to bed!

Sylvia said...

Who's the author of "Home Comforts?" There are several books by that title in our library. :)

And, by the way, I'm usually in the middle of several books, too. :)

Jessica said...

Hi Sylvia! It was written by Cheryl Mendelson, and the full title is "Home Comforts: the Art and Science of Keeping House."