Friday, November 14, 2008

7 Quick Takes

Jen, over at Conversion Diary, has been doing these “7 Quick Takes” posts for the past few weeks, and right as I was getting up the courage to copy her, she invited the whole interwebs to join in via a Mr. Linky. Thanks for keep me from plagerizing, Jen!

And, without further ado:

Is anyone else completely charmed by Steve of Blue’s Clues? The old, good Blue’s Clues, y’know. Before they went live-action and added the stupid puppets.

I have a rule for DVDs watched by the children in our house: they must not annoy Mom. Hence, John Deer Tractor movie? In. Barney? Way, way out.

Blue’s Clues? AWESOME. One of my husband’s friends told us once that he’d come home and find a bunch of teenage girls in his house, gathered around the television watching Blue’s Clues, because they all had a crush on Steve. While I don’t share their crush, I totally get it. He’s like the fellow you’d want your teenage daughter to date, because he’d to take her to the amusement park, be a real gentlemen the whole time, and actually yell “Wheeee!” on all the rides. Perfect for a kids’ TV host, because he just seems to think the whole world is so much fun.

Gamgee has moved up into 3T clothes, and so today I found myself dressing him in a shirt he’d never worn before: a red and blue plaid, long-sleeved shirt.

Quoth Gamgee: “A SPIDERMAN shirt!”

I guess all it needs are the colors.

On the awesomeness of John and Ken: I live in SoCal, and the two local obnoxious talk show hosts are named John and Ken. Now, they’re loudmouthed, and can be really annoying, but they’re doing something really cool this week: holding some local politicians to account.

The mayor of L.A. claimed, in a grab for good press, to have filled one million potholes since his term started. John and Ken questioned this, and the mayor’s office managed to produce proof of filling 50,000 of those potholes. Which leaves about 950,000 unaccounted for. Ha! the first.

Ha! the second: John and Ken are now sending a bunch of their listeners out to check that 5% - you can go to their website and be assigned a pothole address to verify – and guess what? Not even all of that 5% the mayor supposedly has proof for have been filled. Ha,ha!

So, like I said: annoying guys. But I love that they’re actually checking up on one of those wild claims that politicians like to make sometimes.

I got a great break from my usual, “boy you sure have your hands full” comments three times this week.

The first two were two separate times that a little old lady asked me, “How did you get all those children?” and I had to refrain from saying, “lots and lots of sex” or “do I really have to explain this to you?” (I went with, “um, the normal way?”) and the second was when I passed a bunch of firemen on the way to the library and one laughed and yelled, “You need more kids!”

I was proud that I thought fast enough to respond, “Yes, I’m just longing for a set of triplets!”

RSV seasons sucks.

It’s been five months since we moved, and I still can’t find my rosary. I thought I knew exactly where it was, but I didn’t. Then I thought it’d turn up any moment, but it hasn’t. I think it’s time to send out the bloodhounds. I miss it. It really is such an aid to prayer. To ordered, good prayer. Especially when I’m tired.

When I’m tired, my prayers tend to get repetitive. And if they’re going to be repetitive, I’d rather be repeating, “Lord Jesus, have mercy on me,” rather than, something that starts, “and, Lord, um.”

Caring for mobile twins really is like herding kittens.

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peace of Christ to you,
Jessica Snell


Jordana said...

Good for you coming up with a reply to the too many kids sorts of comments at all. I'm always at a loss.

Ouiz said...

As a mom of seven, we get the "boy you must have your hands full" comment EVERY time we go out. Followed closely by "are you going to have any more?" My husband always responds with a big smile and says, "We'll keep going until we get an ugly one!"

Tami Boesiger said...

I'd be SOOOO tempted to give the "sex, lots of sex" answer. If you could perfect the dead pan, innocent look to go with it, it would be priceless. (And maybe stop the questions!)

This was a good read, Jessica. Thanks.

Lauren said...


Have you yet discovered the joys of "Charlie and Lola"? It's a British cartoon about a brother and sister and their educational adventures. Very cute, and very good for young kids.

Also, the Umbilical Brothers are quite fantastic for kids and are also non-annoying for adults.

Jennifer F. said...

I was so psyched to see that you did a quick takes post! How cool!

I think I was going to comment on something else you wrote, but I am stuck on #1:

a) THERE IS A JOHN DEER TRACTOR MOVIE??? I know it's midnight, but I think I might have to go down to the library and break in and get this thing. How have I (and my son) gone this long without it?

b) I am just not with you on Steve. In fact, I was snickering the other day that I have a mental "Too Hot for Quick Takes" list that has all the things I really shouldn't say on the blog, and one of them was the derogatory term that instantaneously pops into mind every time Steve shows up on my television.


Loved your post. Thank you for participating!

Val said...

I love Steve, too. I check the web for him all the time to see what he's up to these days. I also bought his CD. Love Steve, but I'm not real fond of Joe.

Great blog!

Hope T. said...

#1 - My son who just turned four informed me that the reason he likes Blue's Clues so much is that "they don't cry and have problems". I guess he doesn't like the dramatic crisis and happy resolution format used in most kids' shows. I should have known that since his favorite book series is "Snipp, Snapp, and Snurr".