Monday, October 20, 2008

snapdragons inside and out

I'm getting used to living in a condo, to not having a yard. But even without a yard, I couldn't not have a garden. The above picture is a shot of some of the plants I have on our patio wall. They're snapdragons.

I saw some last fall at a botanical garden, and fell in love. It was too late to grow them then, so I'm growing them now. They're lovely, with their soft pinks and architectural fall of blossoms.

Though I can't afford the huge bouquets you see in any home and garden magazine (ever spot a photo shoot without flowers?), I love having little bud vases here and there in my home. Right now I only have two out, one in the bathroom and one on the bar above my kitchen sink.

But I smile whenever I see them. There is something about looking, just for a few seconds in between rinsing dishes or washing my hands, at a graceful blossom that softens my mood. I think it even helps remind me to speak more gently to my children. I'm amazed, over and over, at how I'm influenced by my surroundings. As they say, "Geography is the mother of strategy." It's true in the home as well as the battlefield.

Forgive the poor photo, but the above are the zinnias growing in my kitchen window sill. They aren't as graceful as the snapdragons, but they're cheery and bright, and one more step to making our new condo feel like home.

peace of Christ to you,
Jessica Snell

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Jen said...

Hi Jess,
Thanks for the suggestions. I'm a big second-hand fan when I can get it--doesn't work too much for us since we're so tall and specialty sizes are harder to find, but for kids' stuff it's practically the only way to go since they grow out of things so fast! I actually have a few bow makers etsy shops already bookmarked for "if and when" purposes ;) I've had LOTS of time to scout things out. I'm totally going to watch ebay for that dress. But a few weeks ago I actually had a clearance, with a sale on top of that, and a coupon on top of THAT so the store was actually cheaper than ebay...I think someone else figured that out too because she was buying literally thousands of dollars of stuff and lots of the same item. I think those things probably showed up on ebay a few days later ;) The nice thing about waiting is I've got all the time in the world to let the good deal come my way =)

Hope you all are well!