Thursday, December 20, 2007

Why it's nice (at least sometimes) to live in SoCal

Because I can go out on a December morning and pick these in my backyard:

I know they're funny tropical flowers, brilliant colors and awkward shapes, half pretty and half grotesque, but flowers are flowers, and they've been making me smile all week. Maybe it's just 'cause when they (very rarely) got some shipped in to the sub-Arctic village where I grew up, my dad would take my mom to the store just to look at them (I remember they sold for over $50 each, and that was $50 in the 1980's!). And now I can see them out my window and in a vase in my kitchen. It just amazes me. Doesn't God make pretty things?

peace of Christ to you,
Jessica Snell

p.s. what's pretty in your part of the world this time of year?

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Rebecca said...

What's pretty?
-The lovely patterns of the frost on the car's windscreen.
-The brown naked branches into the grey sky with bright red chirping cardinals dacing from limb to limb.
-The freshly fallen snow smoothly blanketing the rolling ground of the field out my window.
-The big fat swirling flakes drifting lazily down or being driven along by fierce winds.
-The feel of a down vest and a warm fuzzy scarf wrapped around your chin.