Thursday, April 7, 2016

a new book - "heaven help me"!

I started reading Elizabeth Goudge's novel "The Dean's Watch" and stumbled across the paragraph in the picture above. Here's the relevant bit typed out:
Like all creators, he knew well that strange feeling of movement within the spirit, comparable only to the first movement of the child within the womb, which causes the victim to say perhaps with excitement, perhaps with exasperation or exhaustion, "There is a new poem, a new picture, a new symphony coming, heaven help me."

I love that.

I love how she says, "the victim," as one who knows. 

I know that feeling. Any mother knows that feeling. "Oh my goodness, I am really going to have to go through with this now, aren't I?"

Any artist knows that feeling. "Oh my goodness, this is a real live idea, right?"

I am feeling that right now, as I start my new novel. The die is cast, the plot is set, the roller coaster has tipped over the top of that first long climb, and now I am just hanging on tight for the breath-stealing ride down.

There is a new book coming, heaven help me.

Peace of Christ to you,
Jessica Snell

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