Friday, October 23, 2015

Movie Notes: "Jupiter Ascending"

So, anyone who's seen my Pinterest page knows I have a thing for space princesses.

It's one of my favorite tropes. But Hollywood hardly ever makes space princess movies. They make superhero movies instead. And I love the idea of superheroes . . .

But not as much as I love the idea of space princesses.

So when I heard that "Jupiter Ascending" was basically the origin story for a space princess, I identified myself as the target audience and lined right up.

Well, I say "lined right up".  I am still your basic frugal housewife. So "lined right up" does NOT refer to queuing up at the theater. Rather, it refers to queuing up in my library's request system.


I brought home the DVD and my husband and I gave ourselves a movie night.

And I loved it!

Shocking, I know. But it was just . . . fun.  Did the plot make a lot of sense? No, not particularly. Was it a great story made for the ages? Really, really not.

But was it fun?

Sure!  There were pretty dresses, and a Cinderella-like origin story, and the hero had rollerblades that let him fly.  (It made for absolutely bonkers fight scenes.)

One reviewer I read said that this was basically a movie so bad that Sean Bean didn't die in it.

I say, It's a movie so good they let us have things like Sean Bean bowing gallantly to the heroine while indicating that the bees dancing in clouds around her are proof of her royal blood.

Yes: the loyalty of bees demonstrates the fated destiny of the main character. This is just one example of the sort of thing that makes this movie both 1) fun, and 2) totally over-the-top ridiculous.

I'll add that, in this case, it's just fine to go into the movie knowing the plot. (Plot SPOILER: Humans didn't evolve on Earth, they were seeded there millennia ago as a cash crop, they are about to be harvested, our heroine is heir to a tremendous galactic fortune, bad guys want to take away her inheritance so they can reap the harvest that is Earth and its inhabitants, she needs to save humanity from this terrible fate. There you go.)

Knowing the plot let me forget about trying to track the whys and wherefores too closely, and just enjoy the lovely visuals.

Caution for one scene with a bare bottom (lady walking out of a bath), but other than that, it's not objectionable - just delightfully weird and pretty.

Peace of Christ to you,
Jessica Snell

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