Sunday, July 26, 2015

Weekly Links: writing, praying, and being

Just a few links for you this weekend, but they're good!

-First, for my fellow writers/publishing professionals out there:  "Can CBA Novelists Move to the General Market?"    Be sure to read the comments section on this one; there's some really interesting conversation going on there.

-Next, a good idea about how to pray in troubling times, when reading the news is upsetting: "Planned Parenthood, Pay Day Lenders, and How I'm Praying These Days".

-Finally, an article that provides some helpful information for self-knowledge: "What Each Myers-Briggs Type Does In a Rut (The Rise of the Inferior Function".  I.e., find out what coping mechanisms you're likely to resort to when you're under stress.

Have a lovely Sunday!
-Jessica Snell

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