Monday, March 9, 2015

Plotting Bliss

I've handed in the edits on "Not Alone", our upcoming book on infertility and miscarriage, which means one very important thing: I get to write fiction again!

I've actually started writing my new novel, just because I knew exactly how I wanted it to start, but I'm also still working on the plot.  (This is so that when I get past the first few chapters that I'm sure about, I'll be sure that my characters still have somewhere to go.)

And when I say "plot", I really mean "plot, characterization, thematic structure, setting, conflict, chapter arcs, research" and, oh, so much more.

I love this part.

Not as much as I love the actual writing, mind.

(There's nothing as hard and satisfying as writing and nothing as thrilling as having written.)

But there's something wonderful about the plotting. I love going through all my checklists and prompts and seeing how everything's going to fit together. I love those moments when I realize things like, "Oooh, if the villain says that, then the heroine's going to think this, and then the hero can reassure her thus, and then . . ."

I love watching it all come together.

And I can't wait to finish writing this book.

Because here's the really marvelous thing about the plotting process: the plotting process is what makes me very, very, very sure that I'm writing a book that I'll want to read.

Peace of Christ to you,
Jessica Snell

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