Friday, March 20, 2015

a bit of gorgeous prose from Louis L'Amour

I've been reading "The Quick and the Dead", by Louis L'Amour, and chapter five started with a bit of prose so beautiful, I just had to share it here:

Before the sun appeared the earth was still, and silence lay like a blessing upon the land. No blade stirred in the coolness, nor any bird in the sky, only somewhere not too far off, a meadow lark spoke inquiringly into the morning. 
One arresting finger of smoke lifted thinly to the sky, and where the horizon drew its line across the heavens, a cloud seemed to lie upon the grass, off where the world curved away from them.

I know that before I started reading him, I didn't expect L'Amour's books to be full of such beauty. But they really are. The man was a master of the craft of writing, and for more than just plot and character.

Peace of Christ to you,
Jessica Snell

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Emily (Laundry and Lullabies) said...

That is so beautiful! Makes you stop and sink into it and take the deep breath you didn't realize you needed.

Jessica Snell said...

Emily, yes! that's it exactly! Well said. :)

hopeinbrazil said...

Jessica, You've convinced me to try L'amour!

On a side note, every time I see your name I think I know you from somewhere. Do you have any background with Asbury College or Seminary? I'm an MK from Taiwan who did high school in Ohio, college and grad school in Kentucky, two years in Dearborn, MI and now 25 in Brazil. Did our paths cross somewhere?

Jessica Snell said...

hopeinbrazil, I'm not sure! Is it possible you've run into my sister-in-law? Her name is Jennifer Snell.

(I am a Wycliffe MK, though. Maybe a connection there?)