Monday, July 1, 2013

a summer fit for a child

The last of the June gloom is hanging around on this, the first of July, and I'm grateful. I know it's going to disappear soon.

And I'm facing the beginning of summer, with all four kids home, and I've been thinking about what will make our summer days together good.

I came up with three categories of Good Things:
1) stuff that's Good For the Kids
2) stuff that's Good For Me.
3) stuff that's Good For Our Home.

We need all three to have good summer days at home, days that flow, days that nourish, days that are full of activity and peace. (Activity AND peace! I think it took having kids to make me realize how necessary those things are to each other!)

Here are the first few thoughts I have on those three categories - I'd love to hear what you'd add!

Stuff that's good for the kids:
-outside, active time. Preferably during the cooler parts of the day!
-quiet reading time.
-out-loud reads with me.
-Bible memorization (Grandma's providing some incentives for this for them this summer - so cool!)
-a "fun" activity a day: I'm thinking baking together, art projects, science experiments, etc.

Stuff that's good for me:
-devotions. Including prayer and Bible memorization.
-working out. Because it's just good.
-writing time. Which means the kids get some TV and video game time every day. Which is good for them . . . because that uninterrupted writing time is good for me, and it's in their best interests to have a happy mom! :)

Stuff that's good for the house:
-a regular morning sweep of chores - at least a few minutes per room.
-starting dinner prep in the morning
-regular Picking Up of the Toys by the kids - preferably just before transitions to official Fun Stuff or meals - those being the carrot to urge them towards cleanliness and godliness.

Given those pieces, I've together a skeleton of a schedule - a basic How To Have A Good Summer Day plan. It'll shift day-to-day, as we have errands or visits or appointments . . . but I like having a starting point.

I'd love to hear what works for you - what you'd add to the list in your home. I'm sure I'm missing something - but that's the good thing about this sort of plan: it's always up for revision. :)

Peace of Christ to you,
Jessica Snell


Emily (Laundry and Lullabies) said...

Share your schedule outline?

Jessica Snell said...

Em, I'll shoot it over to you via email. :)