Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Links - Habits, Hospitals, and more

"Choosing the Right Habits":
As you know, I am a big proponent of life-change through habit. I thought this quote was good for emphasizing how the "right" habits are not one-size-fits-all, and how "good" choices can have hidden costs.
"Opening Questions to Bad Conversations": a sampling from this painfully fun blog:
"Do you know where the morgue is?"
 "Wait, how many pills did you give him?"
 "Does the patient have any family you think might be likely to sue?"
"Oh, so this was the patient you were talking about?"
"Cheer Up!" and Other Obnoxious Advice:
If Jesus could be sad, and say he was sad, without sin, then so can we.
The word count limit fails to allow me to list the giants of the Faith who made “bad confessions” from Abraham to David to Paul. Great Christians have become great by admitting their pain, exposing it, giving it to God, and then being transformed. C.S. Lewis wrote “A Grief Observed” after all not “A Grief Unconfessed” and Mother Teresa journaled on her doubts and acted on her faith.
Her confession was her life. 
"Come Away With Me":
Tracking spiritual growth is difficult. Maybe we’re not meant to “track” it as though it were the Prime Interest Rate. Becoming more holy seems to happen when we’re not looking. Like the tiny wood anemone I saw yesterday as I sat on a bench in the woods. It is so diminutive it is barely noticeable. Suddenly your eyes focus and there it was all along. 

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