Monday, May 13, 2013

Daybook for May 13, 2013

outside my window . . . it is HOT. But so bright and lovely, I almost don't mind.

I am listening to . . . Nothing. But I should put something on, because I have Jonathan Coulton's "I feel fantastic" going round and round my brain and I think it's time for a new track.

I am wearing . . . shorts and a t-shirt. Nothing spectacular for, lo, it is Laundry Day.

I am so grateful for . . . my family. It's the end of the school year, and pretty much everyone in my family - on both sides - is somehow connected to academia, so everyone's stressed, but . . . we're all okay. And I'm grateful.

I'm pondering . . . the life of Dallas Willard. I'm so grateful for the work he did and am praying for his family, who must miss him very much.

I am reading . . . TOO MANY THINGS. Again, some more.

I am creating . . . I'm doing heavy edits on a novel, and really enjoying seeing the story that's growing stronger in the middle of the mess.

around the house . . . it's about time to switch the girls' clothes out for the next size up. Such a big chore . . . but so satisfying when it's done!

from the kitchen . . . watermelon and strawberries FTW! I love SoCal.

the church year in our home . . . this weekend we went on an Ascension Day hike with some friends from church. It was lovely! We decided that we probably want to make hiking a regular church activity, and I'm excited at the prospect of getting outside regularly with the people I worship with.

recent milestones . . . I turned Celebrating the Church Year at Home in to the publisher. I think it's good, you guys. The authors did such good work, and when it's done, it's going to be a book you can open at any time of the year and find the exact information you need to celebrate whatever season you're in. It's very readable, and very dense with ideas and inspiration. I'm excited. :)

the week ahead . . . editing the novel! trying not to die of heat stroke!

picture thought . . . my dad and me at the top of the Ascension Day hike:

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jen said...

Laundry Day here as well. It's also hot so we're already breaking out the t-shirts and running shorts (even though I only run when chased).