Thursday, April 18, 2013

Links: the Boston bombing, virginity, and a giveaway

I know my links are a real mix sometime, but this post's title really takes the cake!

"Boston Marathon Bombing – Ten Rules for an American Crisis":
Rule Number Seven: I will remember that this crisis is not about me, but about those suffering, and I will pray accordingly.
Rule Number Eight: I will recall to pray for my enemies. No hate, but justice.
"Tim Keller, Rachel Held Evans, and the Virginity of Young Christians":
When you are in high school and college, sex is the prime locus of the fight for sanctification. It is the battle that is appropriate to the age.  
Finally, Carpe Season is hosting a giveaway of Margie Haack's book "The Exact Place". Here's a link to my review (spoiler: I liked it a lot) and HERE is a link to the giveaway. It ends this weekend, so go enter!

-Jessica Snell

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