Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Daybook for Wednesday, November 14, 2012

outside my window . . . a beautiful, 80 degree California day. I know, 80 degrees. It's finally gotten cold out here. ;)

I am listening to . . . "Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day". Yes, it's a Christmas carol, and it's not even Advent yet. But it's so pretty! I can't help myself.

I am wearing . . . pants! Like I said, it's gotten chilly. Bye-bye, shorts. See you next year.

I am so grateful for . . . coffee. And many other things. But right now? Mostly coffee.

I'm pondering . . . How to make my two main character stop flirting and get on with finding out who the killer is.

I am reading . . . The last chapter of The Elements of Style. My favorite quotation from the last chapter: "Prestigious. Often an adjective of last resort. It's in the dictionary, but that doesn't mean you have to use it."

I am creating . . . kilt hose. Very, very slowly. Cables and I are still not the best of friends.

from the kitchen . . . Last night we had roasted butternut squash soup, crusty bread, cheese, and wine for dinner. So simple, so good.

real education in our home . . . My son has figured out that he knows how to read. I mean, he's been able to read for awhile now, but I don't think he was really aware of the fact. But now he lays on the floor next to our library book basket and devours everything in there. It's pretty awesome watching that part of him wake up. :)

the church year in our home . . . This one deserves a blog post all to itself. For one thing, I'm thinking of very little other than the church year, as I edit this book about it. For another thing, we're part of a church plant that's launching in under three weeks (seriously, I so owe you all a blog post about this . . . suffice it to say: it's Anglican, it's in our city, we've been working towards it for years, and God (and our bishop!) seem to have said, "Okay, NOW", and so we're all scrambling to obey. I'm still sort of in shock about all of it - we're going to have a church home near our home. God is so good.).

recent milestones . . . I realized that my hair now reaches my waist. It only took four years! (I feel weird being happy about this - it's a goal reached, sure, but all I had to do to get there was not cut it. Pretty passive - how do you feel properly triumphant  about successfully not doing something?)

the week ahead. . . I don't know, but next week is Thanksgiving! Next week! How'd that happen?

Peace of Christ to you,
Jessica Snell


momco3 said...

I love daybook posts... they're like a letter from a friend I can read over a cup of tea. Thanks for sharing your day!

Elena said...

I can't wait to hear how the church plant goes. So excited for y'all. =)

Jessica Snell said...

thanks, Ann! Thanks, Elena!