Friday, July 2, 2010


I found the bearing blog via Conversion Diary, and she has a really neat bunch of posts on weight loss. This one, written by her husband on his role in it all, is interesting.  This one is also very cool. In it she talks about using the lessons she's learned in fighting gluttony in order to attack other areas of vice in her life. Specifically interesting to many readers of this blog, I'd guess, is that one of the things she's working on is her "reluctance to be interrupted". I think any mom is going to recognize that one.

Speaking of Conversion Diary, Jen's post on what she's learned about life by living awhile on a monastery prayer schedule is definitely worth a read.

Here's 8 Writing Tips from C. S. Lewis

It makes complete sense that it's easy to do this, but I had no idea it was this easy: here are instructions for installing a Spanish Language keyboard on your computer (basically, it's already there, and you just have to turn it on), along with instructions on how to use it (i.e., which key is now for what). 

The fourth season of Mad About You is being released on DVD. Finally! Love this article about why the show was so good.

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