Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Exercise DVD Reviews: Dance Off the Inches: Hip-Hop Party

This is the second in my series of exercise DVD reviews. Today we have Dance Off the Inches: Hip-Hop Party (instructor: Jennifer Gilardi).
Whew! I'm trying to write these reviews right after I do the DVD in question, so right now I am typing while slightly out of breath!
This DVD is a bit goofy, but it's a real workout. Actually, I take it back: the first two of the three routines are totally goofy; I honestly find the last one just a lot of fun.
There are three routines in this DVD and "old-school" hip-hop one (which is terribly goofy, with butterflys and booty pops and everything), a sort of "sexy" one (again, probably more goofy than sexy) and then a "world" one, that includes some fun Bollywood-style stuff.
All three will get you out of breath and sweating. If you're like me, you really wouldn't want to have anyone watch you do any but the last one, but the last one will make you had a bunch of friends dressed in saris to jump around with.
I do like that Galardi's instruction is solid and her prompts are always there when you need them. It does take a couple times through to be able to dance along in any sort of satisfying way, and there are parts I'm still not good at, but she's a good enough instructor that you can get moving pretty quickly and learn some new moves that will make you feel like you're really dancing and not just messing around. (And the cameraman helpful does NOT constantly cut away from the dancer's feet, as the cameramen of several other dance DVDs I tried did).
Bottom line: this is one of my favorite dance DVDs. In the privacy of my own home.  :) Great for getting in some very solid cardio and for making yourself laugh.
Peace of Christ to you,
Jessica Snell

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