Tuesday, May 4, 2010

we might grow up, but we don't really change

I'm home sick today, having finally succumbed to the crud the rest of the family has had for the past two weeks, and so I'm going through a bunch of old schoolwork my mom passed onto me awhile ago.

And I'm looking at some notes my third-grade teacher made on my report cards (I remember this teacher as the one who gave me stress headaches - yes, when I was about nine!), and I'm thinking, Gee, that doesn't sound like me at all . . . ;)

Here you go:

"Jessica is capable of very high quality work in all areas of Language Arts. She is not very concerned about spelling words correctly in her work and only corrects words when the work is going to be published."

The current me thinks, "Duh. To bother one must have a reason to bother."

"She is able to write in different styles for different audiences."

Yes, one must always be aware of one's audiences. For instance, I'm currently aware that no one but me might find this interesting.

"Jessica is sometimes a little over-confident. This attitude tends to intimidate others and makes it difficult for her to admit to any mistakes or need for improvement."

Really? Hee. Actually, my sister helped to beat this one out of me - at least a little - in high school

This next one I think might have been wishful thinking on my teacher's part:

"Jessica is learning the important skill of respecting alternate points of view. She is beginning to realize that there is sometimes more than one 'correct' way of doing something."

Hmm. Current me says, "'correct', maybe. More than one 'best'? Nah."


Anyone else ever been amused by reading old report cards? I'm telling you, if you haven't looked over them, you might want to. It's weirdly enlightening.

Peace of Christ to you,

Jessica Snell


Emily (Laundry and Lullabies) said...

That's actually really interesting. I guess I'm your target audience. :)

becca said...

Well, Jess, if I had been your mother and gotten that report card, I'd buy you a treat. ;)