Friday, May 21, 2010


I really like Tienne's post on the virtue of affability, along with her list of practical suggestions of how to maintain or regain an even keel.
This playdough volcano-land is amazing. I am so going to do this with the kids this summer. It's worth noting, too, for you other moms of littles, how young the kids she did this with were.
Susan Wise Bauer reviews the new Robin Hood movie, and finds better reasons to like it than most of the critics I've read did.
Finally, Pentecost is this Sunday, and Amy has a good list of ways to celebrate it as a family. We've done the red-rose-petals-on-the-table thing before, and it's a gorgeous way to celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit. I also really like the tradition of eating spicy foods (to remind you of the flames of fire).

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