Tuesday, March 9, 2010

hair toys on Etsy

So, my hair is still growing . . . but it's too short for a lot of the prettier hair toys (which is good, 'cause boy they're expensive!). But I still can't help browsing Etsy and dreaming of someday having the waist length hair needed to do justice to a gorgeous hammered copper chignon or a pair of wicked-looking hair swords like these.

Etsy is just way too much fun. I like it so much better than most online stores, because there's such a variety of interesting things, and because it almost always inspires me to try making something myself, too.

These now, these I could conceivably use. And there are fun things like this that I'd like to try doing myself (thrift-store costume jewelry + superglue + plastic haircomb, I'm guessing). My hair's long enough for a proper Gibson tuck now, and it's fun to have something pretty to stick into the fold of that hair style.

I actually ended up ordering a few decorative combs for the purpose, and now I'm impatiently awaiting them so that I can try them out. I'm also wondering about whittling myself a hair fork. I think I could do it if I got my husband to make the cuts with his saw first. I don't think it would look quite as good as that, but I think it'd be fun to try.

I'm fascinated by the vintage hair toys on Etsy too. This is the stuff women used before they had elastic, you know? And a lot of the stuff can't be used unless you have longer hair. It makes me wonder what they did for little girls, whose hair was still growing. Or women who had been sick. I suppose that's what ribbons and head scarfs were for? You can also find things like Amish hair pins. It's not like this stuff is never used anymore. (Though I'm guessing the ones the Amish actually use aren't decorated like that.)

Anyone else find something lovely on Etsy recently? Or have any experience using hair forks? Are they as easy and pretty as they look?

peace of Christ to you,

Jessica Snell


Becks said...

I am really interested in what "long" hair styles you are talking about. My hair is about mid-back now (maybe about 30 inches long?) and I am starting to run out of ideas for what to do with it! I have resorted to the daily bun, or sometimes two buns; one on either side. The longer it gets, the less I can think of good styles! It almost makes me want to cut it off again, but... my hair is my vanity. It's so, so pretty. I can't do it!

Jessica said...

Well, to start, here are 11 pages of mostly long-hair styles:


Lots of them ARE variations on a bun, but some are pretty impressive.

Personally, though, all my favorites are braids - variations on coronet braids, mostly, and French fishtails (also called "herringbones"). dreamweaverbraiding.com has lots of cool ideas - some of them too fancy for every day use, but some that look like they take a lot longer than they really do. I love braided updos.

Hope that gives you some ideas!

(Mostly, though, in this post, I was just talking about having enough MASS to my hair to support some of those more ornate sticks and forks and cages.)

Jessica said...

Oh! And I forgot: look up "Torrin Page" on youtube. She has a ton of great long-hair styles.

Sarah said...

I used some of the "aimish hair pins" (though I didn't know they were called that!) in the updo I had for my wedding. My hair was only about mid-chest length though. I'd love to grow it out, but I am nervous! hah.

Amber said...

Wow, maybe I should consider branching out from my single basic braid down the back that I do every single morning. I have tons of hair, and it goes about 3/4 the way down my back... surely I could do something more with this!

BTW, I think the person's name you're recommending on youtube is Torrin Paige.

Thanks for the ideas, maybe I'll see if I can hold my arms up long enough to do something. They get weak and tingly so quickly!

Jessica said...

Amber, thanks for the correction on Torrin Paige.

And I think a single braid down the back can look really classy - can't wait till mine's long enough to be a braid that swings, and doesn't just sit there. :) I say if it works for you, go for it.

One of the things you could probably do though, if you wanted a change, since your hair's so long, is to pin that braid 'round your head. I doubt that would take that much longer.

Sometimes I think I just like elaborate updos because it hits that crafty urge. You know: I could crochet OR . . . I could braid! :D

On the other hand, sometimes I think I just wish I were an intergalactic space princess. I'm sure intergalactic space princesses wear crown braids.

Amber said...

I am so, so, so amazingly bad at pinning. I need to practice it more, but I find it makes my hands get all tingly and I get unbelievably frustrated so quickly! This week I've been playing with sticks though, which has been a lot of fun. I've finally figured out (thanks to Torrin Paige) how to put my hair in a bun with a chopstick, and I also did the chinese braid bun too. The kids were quite amused. My toddler, after some time spent in close observation, brought over plastic silverware for me to put in my hair too. Then he wanted me to do it to his hair. Kids are a lot of fun.

I really laughed about the intergalactic space princess bit - it reminded me of when I was 5 or 6 and went as Princess Leia for Halloween that year. My mom made me the white gown and did my waist length hair in the braid buns and everything. I wish I knew where a picture of that was!!

Emily (Laundry and Lullabies) said...

I thought that intergalactic space princesses wore huge cinnamon buns over their ears. :)