Friday, September 12, 2008


If you hadn't guessed from my lack of posts, this twinfancy thing is kicking my butt. I've decided to call this period of my life "Santification Bootcamp" because that sounds better than "In Which Jessica Gets Not One Minute To Call Her Own And Hopes That By Submitting To It All She'll Become More Like Christ, That Is, Sometimes, When She Actually Remembers That She's Supposed To Be Becoming Like Christ."

And no, I did not even make it through typing that first paragraph without interruption. I don't do anything these days without interruption. Talk about learning not to call your time your own.

I remember a passage in Lewis (probably from Screwtape) in which he points out that if our Lord were actually physically present with us all day, telling us to do our daily duties, we would do it with alacrity, and if he gave us just one half hour at the end of the day and told us "do what you like with it", then we would be jaw-droppingly grateful for his generosity.

The trick is doing our daily duty with such joy and attentiveness even when we cannot see him. I am so working on this. Because He is still here.

So, in the meantime, here are a few links (mostly read while nursing the twins) that have got me thinking this week:

From Amy's Humble Musings, a post on Getting Real.

And from that weightiness, I give you something mostly amusing: A Dress A Day on Why Skirts Are Better Than Pants.

And this post, from Anthony Esolen, asking "Where Have All the B Movies Gone?" has me thinking about my favorite version of the B Movie, the Regency romance. I love that genre, and it is so very much a genre, with rules, with predictability, with the hero, the heroine, the villian, the happy ending. But there is something good about hearing the same story told over and over again in different clothes. It's not high art, but it's worthy nonetheless, I think. I want to publish a few myself, someday.

So, dear readers, what's your version of the B Movie? What's the medium in which you could hear the same old story told a hundred times? Pop romance ballads? Paperback Westerns? Pulp radio dramas?

May your day be filled with God's grace.

peace of Christ to you,
Jessica Snell

p.s. I hope it goes without saying, but when I mention my beloved Regencies, I'm talking about those in the classic Georgette Heyer style, and not the more recent p/rn-in-Jane-Austen-costumes style.

p.p.s. No, I didn't put the babies down on their tummies for a nap. They rolled over into those positions all by themselves. :)


Ranee said...

I totally understand the not getting things done, and I don't have twins! :)

As for sleeping on their tummies? Shhh, all of our children have been put to sleep on their stomachs. If the experts don't know what causes SIDS, I don't trust them to tell me how to prevent it. Since we don't smoke, I breastfeed and the babies sleep in our room (sometimes in our bed), I don't worry about it. None of our children have died yet.

If we were up every ten minutes with them round the clock, as they slept when on their backs, we may have lost more than one child. To our sleep deprived insanity.

Aunt Bonnie said...

I have been watching the show "John and Kate plus 8" lately. This is a family that has twins and sextuplets. They are a christian family. I so admire how the mom knows, loves and deals with each child as they need. She is an inspiration to me and might be a source of inspiration and comfort to you as you raise your little ones.

Aunt Bonnie said...

I have been watching the show "John and Kate Plus 8" lately. This is about a family with twins and sextuplets. It is a christian family. I so admire how the mom knows, loves and deals with each child as they need. You may find it an inspiration and source of comfort.

Elizabeth said...

Jessica: I just found your blog today. I am a mom of 5. My last two are fraternal twin girls--now 9 months old. I am a Christian, I stay at home. We live in SoCal, too! Are we meant to be friends OR WHAT?

I loved this post and want to encourage you: my twinnies never wanted to sleep on their backs, they ALWAYS preferred their tummies! :-)

Elizabeth Esther

Rebeckah said...

Your twins are SO cute I can't stand it. I don't know how I found your blog, but it is delightful. God bless you today!