Friday, April 11, 2008

nursing twins

It's like a light switched on. In the past 24 hours or so, the girls have figured out how to latch and suck and (most of all) STAY latched on.

So now I'm nursing twins. I think. If there isn't any regressing.

I'm trying not to panic.

This is what I've wanted for the past two months, to have both baby girls happy, able nurslings, and now I'm scared. What if I can't make enough milk? What if they're not getting enough? How will I know without checking the bottles afterwards to see that the milk level that was at 5 ounces is now at 2 1/2?

Weird, right?

I'm constantly amazed at my ability to catastrophize. Especially after this year, which has taught me how God can take care of me and mine through situations I would never have dreamed up, let alone seen the way through.

God is good. I await seeing Him work here too.

peace of Christ to you,
Jessica Snell


Amie said...

Remember my friend if the lightbulb "clicked" that enables them to nurse then you can trust them...they are like newborns now not preemies.
Get lots of sleep and you'll be surprised how much your body can do. I produced enough milke for my twins until 5 months (that's alot of extra milk!)
How amazing to have so many answers to God's faithfulness in one year.

Amber said...

Yay, what great news! And I can see how it would be a bit daunting as well. I'm sure it will be just fine though - as you said, God is good!

Stephanie S said...

Yay! This is such great news! I've been thinking and praying specifically about this milestone quite a bit this week. Nothing like this kind of news to reaffirm that God really does listen!

Emily (Laundry and Lullabies) said...

Jess, what wonderful news! I'm sure that the girls will be getting plenty of milk - remember you've been pumping religiously and they've been getting their feedings from you all this time, anyway. Its not like you'll start nursing and your supply will suddenly dry up. :) I'm so, so glad that the girls figured it out!

Joshua said...

Aw, dear Jess... I'm not going to post online what I was thinking a moment ago... instead I'll just tell you later tonight.

You and our lovely little girls will be fine!

Elena said...

That is so wonderful!

And don't be scared. Just like Emily said, you've been feeding them all along. And if you could do it then, you can do it now. After all, having an actual baby (or two!) at your breast makes for improved milk supply. So does reduced stress.

I have many not-so-fond memories of groggily dealing with bottles and pumping equipment at all hours... I'm so glad you're done with all that.

But seriously, if you're nervous about whether or not they're getting enough, Ashley and I took Autumn and the twins to a weekly breastfeeding support group at Presbyterian Hospital, and the weekly weigh-ins were very reassuring.

I can't express how glad I am for you! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

MomLady said...

Isn't it amazing! How our God designed everything to work. It's just when you are born before the normal time, everything isn't quite ready to work. How wonderful that, all of a sudden, all the things worked and they got it! DON'T worry about having enough milk - you already do! My daughter's friend with preemie twins (who suddenly caught on to nursing around their due date) had pumped and frozen and pumped and frozen before the boys caught on, so that she had a cooler full of extra to donate to the NICU! And her boys are roly poly now, with round cheeks. I am so happy for you and hope this development helps with that sleep deficit that new parents always have.
May our God richly bless your family!