Sunday, March 9, 2008

babywearing two

I've discovered that it's true: you can babywear twins! In the above picture I have our two new babies snuggled together in a sling made for me by a lady at our church. Given that our twins aren't even supposed to be here yet, I think that having them snuggled together, womblike, in a sling is a good thing. I understand that later, when they can hold their heads up properly, I can double sling them, with one on each hip, or put one in a mei-tei on back and the other in a sling on the front.

Today I carried them through Sam's Club like this, and laughed almost the whole time at all the double-takes I got. "There's two in there!" "Mommy, there's TWO babies!" "Oh my goodness, you have two!" It was a bit of a problem because I couldn't get through the store very quickly, but I have to admit that it was kind of fun. By the end I just smiled and kept walking, but it was a hoot!

It's fun to have people exclaiming over my babies for pleasanter reasons than, "Oh, they're so tiny!" (Which, well, they are, so it's not like it's a silly comment at all, it's just nicer to hear "there are two!" or "they're so cute!")

Anyway, I think that these girls will live in the sling once my husband goes back to work. I've been worried about how I'll handle two toddlers and two newborns on my own, but the success of this babywearing experiment heartens me considerable. Now if only they'll twig onto breastfeeding exclusively! (Being premies, they're lazy eaters and still primarly bottlefed. But we're working on it!)

peace of Christ to you,
Jessica Snell


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, they look so precious! And you look absolutely radiant. I am so thrilled for you! What blessings you have!!

Emily (Laundry and Lullabies) said...

That really is a perfect picture. You and the girls look like you're exactly as and where you should be.

MomLady said...

You look so happy and relaxed - amazing! What adorable children you have. I would love to know and cuddle any one (all) of them!
Sharyn from Corvallis

Kerry said...

Awww - it's so good to see you and you babies just so happy and contented. What a good job you are doing! You enjoy all that attention - you deserve it for th way you've cared (and are caring) for your dear babies even before they were born.

Congrats, Happy Mama!

Jennifer @ Conversion Diary said...

Oh my gosh, that is SO cute!!

Tienne said...

I adore that picture of the three of you. How beautiful you all are!

Mama said...

That is such a beautiful picture! What blessings! Congratulations!
Christian Love
Megan (MarineMama)