Sunday, October 8, 2017

Weekly Links!

photo credit: Betsy Barber.


-I remember reading this in Touchstone years ago, but it was good to reread this fascinating theory about the Chronicles of Narnia: Narnia's Secret.

-A good reminder for my fellow writers: The Folly of Self-Rejection.

-This blog post is full of such lovely food ideas: Lifestyle Lessons.

-Good stuff from Wesley Hill: An Impatience with Biblical Exegesis.

-More helpful advice for writers, on what to do when you get The Call from an agent: All About Author Etiquette

-I already wanted to read this book, because I already knew I like the author, but this post made me really want to read this book: The Big Idea: David Walton.

-So, as Anne Kennedy always says, "struggling" is the Christian word for failure.  Here, Russell Moore gets even more incisive about our common attitude towards "struggling" with sin: Are You "Struggling" With Sin?

-This sermon on divine omniscience, by Dr. Fred Sanders, is really good. I particularly appreciated his explanation of what Ps. 139 would mean in the mouth of Adam, vs. what it would mean in the mouth of Jesus, and then what being completely known by God means for us, whose life is hid in Christ: Divine Omniscience.

I hope what's left of your Sunday is peaceful and restful.

Peace of Christ to you,
Jessica Snell

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