Thursday, April 20, 2017

Look Where You Want to Go: Bible-reading and Mountain-Biking

My dad is a big mountain-biker. And because he was into mountain-biking, when we were kids, my sister and brother and I got into mountain-biking. Because we wanted to spend time with our dad.

And there’s something I learned during those years of biking: You Go Where You Look.

Sometimes Dad would take us on trails that were kinda scary: narrow-singletrack stuff with sharp drops on one or both sides of the trail. You’d think that you’d want to be hyper-aware of the dangerous part, that you’d want to really concentrate on the sharp cliffs, so that you could avoid them. But it turned out that the opposite was true: If you looked down the drop…that’s where you’d go.

You wanted to look straight ahead. You wanted to keep your eyes on the trail. Because it’s just this automatic thing: where your eyes look? That’s where you’d steer the bike.

So, reading the Bible is about looking at the trail. It’s looking where you want to go.

Peace of Christ to you,
Jessica Snell

p.s.: RE: the picture. Yeah, I know about the rock song. I think the picture's funny anyway.

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