Saturday, January 21, 2017

Weekly Links!


-I have loved Linda Holmes' thoughts on reality TV since the days she was covering Survivor for the now-defunct site Television Without Pity. Here she is, talking about the ethics of a recent episode of Top Chef for NPR.

-A review of "Nailed It" from Aimee Byrd over at The Housewife Theologian. A snippet:
This is a devotional for those who don't fit into the happy-little-Christian box. And it's also for those who think it's okay to have a little humor in their reading reflections. Kennedy doesn't pick all the easy verses either. She pulls devotion to God out of what may have seemed random acts in history. Our days are kind of like that, aren't they? Circumstances often seem arbitrary and we sometimes question if it really matters how we get through them. That is what I especially appreciated about the book---Anne weaves all the tapestry together and helps the reader see the significance of God's holiness, mercy, and love in Christ working in our own lives now.

-And while I'm on the topic of my favorite devotional, here's a lovely podcast: "Persuasion: How Sarcasm is Good for the Soul." 

-And speaking of good podcasts, I liked this one: "Mere Fidelity: Humble Roots, with Hannah Anderson."

-And here's another good thing by Hannah Anderson, this time an essay: "You Can't Do It All: Rex Tillerson and the Limits of Vocation."

-"Minimalism Gets It Wrong."

-Also, "The Minimalism Trap."

-And, on our current season of the church year, here's "How To Throw an Epiphany Party In Four Easy Steps." 

-"How 'Sherlock of the Library' Cracked the Case of Shakespeare's Identity"

-These short filmed scenes of King Lear are amazing.

-And, finally, sailing the solar system with solar sailing ships.

I hope you have a lovely Sunday, full of worship and rest!

Peace of Christ to you,
Jessica Snell

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