Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Last-minute Christmas shopping

Not that it's quite the last minute. But I feel like everyone got their shopping done a few weeks ago, and I'm the slacker with a list full of items I still need to check off.

But I can't be the only one, so I thought I'd offer my list of Christmas gift ideas. And if you don't find what you're looking for here, may I suggest the lists posted by Ginny, by Erin, and by Simcha? (And if you know of more good ones, please post them in the comments!)

For Young Kids

-The Biggest Story. The text in this book is good (it was one of our read-alouds this year), and the illustrations are just gorgeous.

-Play-doh. You can always use more.

-The Seven Silly Eaters. I love reading this book out loud.

-Slugs and Bugs and Lullabies. I can't even begin to count how many times we've listened to this. It's a lot.

-Personalized jewelry. I bought custom necklaces from this shop for our twins, back when they were in kindergarten. The necklaces were very cute, and the shop owner gave me great customer service. (Note: this would be for small children who are past the eating-things-that-are-not-food stage. So... no babies or toddlers, please.)

For Older Kids

-Nerf guns. For household warfare. (Fair warning: some of the kids' items might work for the adults, too...)

-Alcatraz vs. The Evil Librarians - The first book in a snarky series my 12-year-old really enjoyed.

-Plastic playing cards. Because sometimes you want cards that will actually last through children playing with them and things spilling and children learning to shuffle and ...

-Thing Explainer. Such a fascinating book.

-Not All Who Wander Are Lost backpack patch. If you have a young Tolkien nerd in your household.

-DIY Giant Dinosaur Heads. I have seen the finished products in real life, and they are stunning. (Stunningly weird and surprisingly cool-looking. Just as weird and cool as they look in the pictures.)

For Adults

-Instamorph, moldable plastic. A very cool, craft-y thing. I think my husband actually cackled when he discovered this.

-Chocolate. Always a good go-to.

-Watercolor markers. Draw with these, then turn them into paint by brushing over them with water. Very cool.

-Brush pen. Goes well with the above, and works for drawing or calligraphy.

-Fine-point Sharpie. And one writing implement--a stocking stuffer, maybe?--for the crowd who love pens. (There are a lot of them in my family.)

-An olive-wood rosary. I have family members who really like to wear these as reminders to pray throughout the day.

-Nailed It: 365 Sarcastic Devotions for Angry or Worn-Out People. C'mon, I had to mention this one. Besides, haven't you always wanted a devotional that actually has a picture of Jael and her bloody tent-peg on the cover? I know I have.

Seriously, though, this is the perfect antidote to every sappy devotional you've ever read.

-Dear Committee Members. Funny and poignant; a great gift for anyone you know who works in or around higher education.

-Roll for the Galaxy Board Game. For the serious gamers in your life.

-Tree of Gondor coffee mug. I didn't buy this mug, but I bought a Tree of Gondor mousepad from this shop, and it was lovely. I think the mug looks nice, too!

-Layering necklaces. I was given a set of layering necklaces from this shop and they're beautiful. I wear them a lot.

-Sharon Schock's Etsy shop. I ran across her shop several years ago, and since then I've bought postcards, magnets, and one small original painting from her. I've loved them all.

-Bark River Knives. These are just the best. Beautiful, beautiful handmade knives.

Happy shopping!
-Jessica Snell

P.S. Many of these links are affiliate links, and you can see a full disclosure about that on the sidebar of my blog. Basically, if you shop using my links, I get a small percentage of the purchase price. But I'm only linking to things I have bought, have received, or, in a few cases, just really want to buy or receive. :)

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