Wednesday, January 6, 2016

"Why Celebrate Epiphany?"

why baptize? in Jesus' words, "to fulfill all righteousness".

Happy Epiphany!

My friend, Anna Gissing, has a good article over at The Bethlehem about why we celebrate this day.  She has ideas for celebrating it in the home, too - of course she does, because she authored the "Epiphany" chapter in this great little book! :D

Epiphany celebrates three distinct events in the gospels, which are all about Jesus' glory being shown forth to the whole world - Jew and Gentile alike! His glory was to be declared to every person, regardless of race or culture. After you've had a chance to read Anna's words over at the link, you might also take some time on this holiday to read the gospel passages about the three "showings-forth":

-The adoration of the Magi - Where Gentile wise men found God's Messiah.
-The baptism of Jesus - Where the Father declared his pleasure in his Son.
-The miracle at Cana - His first miracle, where he "manifested his glory" and "his disciples believed in him."

God bless you on this good day!

Peace of Christ to you,
Jessica Snell

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