Thursday, August 27, 2015

This is what happens when I try to be good

So, I tried doing a writing exercise from a book I love, "Chapter After Chapter", and the exercise was to take a short period of time and jot down 25 books that you could write.

Well, I cheated, and used at least 10 books that I've already worked on, thought about, plotted a bit, etc.  And a few were really, really generic. But the last 10 or so were really just me, trying to come up with enough ideas that I could tell myself that I'd sincerely done my best to do the writing exercise properly.

And it turns out that I'm a bit nuts. Here's what I came up with at the end of the exercise:

17) I Never Wanted to Be Boethius: On Christianity and Fortune’s Wheel

18) Of Course Someone Made a Still! (Starfleet as It Really Would Have Been)

19) Full of Scorpions: a YA Macbeth with lots of MAGIC

20) Aliens in Exile in Regency London

21) French Wineseller (Vivandiere?) falls in with British Soldier during Napoleonic Wars

22) The Year of Our Lord (a year in the life of a local church, following the liturgical calendar, VERY FICTIONAL AND NOT REAL AT ALL I PROMISE)

23) It’s a Celebrity Wedding but the Real Story is the Two Assistants Falling in Love while they try to make the Party on the Beautiful Island actually Feel Like Paradise to these Crazy Rich People

24) Kids At Christian College Being Stupid and Growing Up and Getting Smarter

Now, of course, I want to read (almost) all of those titles. 

But I'm not sure I'm the one to write them . . . .

Peace of Christ to you,
Jessica Snell

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christinethecurious said...

number 24 is my life.

Jessica Snell said...

mine, too! :D

Marcy said...

18 sounds like Battlestar Galactica... But you've said you prefer your angst in books, not on TV, right?

Jessica Snell said...

Marcy, alas, despite that claim, I did indeed watch all of Battlestar Galactica - and enjoyed most of it.

However, I'm mostly able to resist the temptation to rewatch it, simply because it was so harrowing.