Saturday, April 5, 2014

Weekend Links: Noah, Evangelicals, and more!

Here's some weekend reading, for your perusing pleasure. :)

"John Mason (Anglican Connection) on the Historicity of Noah and the Flood":
Jesus was saying that there will be a day would come when God’s King will come as judge. It is a day to be feared, for all of us will be brought before him. His words assume that we live in a moral universe. Significantly, Jesus cited Noah and the flood as an example of the way God calls us all to account. We learn from Genesis that Noah was not a virtuous man, but he did believe God’s warnings about the coming crisis and responded accordingly.
"The Fault Lines Before the Evangelical Earthquake":
The World Vision decision was a tremor that warns us of a coming earthquake in which churches and leaders historically identified with evangelicalism will divide along all-too-familiar fault lines.
"Doug TenNapel – On Death":
In fact, when atheists criticize my religion the first thing I do is hang on the edge of my seat asking for their best shot against my religion. Many think I’m joking about wanting so badly to find a better argument or explanation than what I’ve got, but I’m serious. I so long to hear a decent, philosophically coherent explanation for the world’s problems. I get nothing of the sort. The only thing more ridiculous than Christianity’s explanation for sin and death is any alternative I’ve heard so far. Still, I’m always open to a good shot at that explanation. It makes for better conversation around a drink than what most people talk about.
"148 – Spring Into Action: Simple Routines & Practical Tips From An Amazing Mom": I just really enjoyed this week's podcast from Clutter Interrupted, so I wanted to make sure to include it in the links. :)

ThredUP: This is a website I used recently to buy some much-needed clothes for summer. It's like an online consignment/thrift store. I loved it. I only searched brands that I already knew fit me well (in my case, mostly Ann Taylor and Banana Republic) and I was really happy with the quality of the stuff I got, and the prices.

Full disclosure: if you use my link, I'll get a referral credit. But I'm sharing it because I used it and liked it. :)

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