Monday, December 26, 2011

crocheted finished object: the Pineapple Shrug

A quick palate-cleanser after all the Christmas crafting: 
And a view of the shrug from the front:
This was made with incredibly soft merino/alpaca yarn given to me by my mom, so even though it's a bulky lace design, it's really warm.   

I love the classic pineapple motifs radiating out from the center. In the magazine version of the pattern, the design was obscured by the variegated yarn they used, but when I went on Ravelry, there was a version done in solid-color yarn and I really liked it.

One of the other fun things about this project is that I got to have a little email conversation with the designer over Ravelry, and she was really friendly. I love that I can chat with the people who make the patterns I'm using!

Now that I've made a quick and satisfying design, I'm starting up a long and complicated one: the gorgeous pattern on the cover of this book. I'm using Knit Picks Shadow Lace Yarn in the Nocturne Heather colorway. I've been planning on making this sweater for well over a year, so I'm excited to see it starting to form under my fingertips:

Peace of Christ to you,
Jessica Snell


Emily (Laundry and Lullabies) said...

That is gorgeous, but it looks so fragile! How would it survive daily life and washing?

Jessica Snell said...

Do you mean the first one? It's not fragile at all. It's made with bulky yarn and the crochet-work doubles that yarn over in each stitch. It's actually pretty thick.

But if you mean the second? the one on the book cover? It's a bit delicate, but not nearly as delicate as it looks. I'm making it with wool lace yarn, so I'm starting with a spun two-ply fiber, and then each crochet stitch doubles that over again, so it's four-ply, which is a fair amount of strength. You could tear it if you snagged it on something, but you'd have to tug pretty hard.

Snagging it on something though . . . I could certainly see me doing that. :) but I'm not too worried; wool yarn is tough stuff.

Anonymous said...

Great use for that yarn! It really makes the pattern 'pop'.