Thursday, February 25, 2010


Wow! there's a lot of good stuff in this links post. If I sound surprised, it's because I make these up a bit at a time, copying a link here and there throughout the week as I read things. So when I actually sit down to post it, I'm sometimes surprised at how long the post has gotten!  Anyway, here you go, stuff worth reading around the web this week:

Amy writes about "A Sabbath Sensibility".

Kerry writes a bit about family fasting, and includes yet more links to Lenten meal ideas and recipes.  While on the subject, Ranee also has a list of Lenten recipes with links.

People talk a lot about love being a verb, but Fred Sanders says we should look at the fact that love is also a noun. (It's worth reading this one for the short devotional exercise at the end alone.)

This article called "My Untranslatable Novel" makes me really want to read the author's book. I'm not sure my wee bit of French would carry me over though.

Emily's giving up her computer for Lent. And the reasoning behind her decision is worth reading.

This article about the biathlon is kind of awesome.  Here's an excerpt:

Furthermore, how great are penalty loops? If you've never seen biathlon, the way it works is that you stop periodically and shoot at a set of five targets, and if you miss one, you have to go over to a little track on the side and ski around in a circle. If you miss two targets, you have to go around twice. It's brutal and petty and wonderful. Imagine, if you will, that if you fell down in figure skating, you had to drop to the ice and do push-ups. We're talking about an Olympic sport where, in essence, when you mess up, you have to run laps. Obviously, the extra loops function as effectively a time penalty, but it's so much more colorful than anything most sports would ever even conceive of.

This animated poem is very cool. <-- Note the declarative sentence.  If you've noticed the plague of "y'know?"'s at the end of every other sentence you hear, you'll appreciate this.

A couple of good posts from Semicolon: on on "The End of the Alphabet, Wit and John Donne" and one called "Perelandra and Truth".

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