Thursday, May 22, 2008

thrift store treasure

I love thrifting. I do. And I haven't been doing much of it lately . . . but I decided today that if I have four kids, I'm just going to have to figure out how to do normal things with four kids, so I packed everyone up and headed to Savers. I even made a list! I know, it seems funny to go thrifting wtih a list, as you never know what you'll find, but it actually worked really well, kept me focused, and I got several things that I wanted.


The big thing I was looking for was 12-18 month girl clothes. Though the twins are pretty well supplied for most things, as they're inheriting their older sister's wardrobe, I discovered recently that the 12-18 mo. box in the garage had been under a leak in the roof and had developed a lovely case of black mold. Ick. Straight to the trash with that. So my plan is to just keep my eye open over the next year, so that when they get that big, I'll have everything they need again. I made a good start today:

And, though our twins don't usually wear matching clothes, even though (maybe especially because) they're identical, it's really fun to do sometimes, and I couldn't resist these matching paisley onsies from Baby Gap, only 99 cents each:

And I'm also a huge sucker for botanical prints. I found these matching, matted, framed pictures of oregano and thyme for $2 each:

And check out those abalone shells underneath. Though I'm not sure you're supposed to varnish shells that pretty, someone had varnished the insides (I'm sure it was to keep them from flaking), and so I think they'd be beautiful in the bathroom, holding odds and ends, and maybe even soap!

And finally, another thing on my list: muffin tins! I've discovered that those are great for the kids to play with, doing play with beans and water and playdough and such, but I wanted to get them their own! I found these two little ones:

AND I found an Eloise Wilkins Golden Book - see the little hand trying to snatch it out of the picutre? And an earring holder, something I've been looking for for awhile now, picked up today for 29 cents.

And the kids were awesome. The older two ran around and hid under the clothes racks, but always came out when I called them, and the babies slept, one in her car seat in the cart and one in the sling on me. Thank you, Lord!

Anyway, that was just a ton of fun, and I wanted to share!

Anyone else had any good thrifty fines recently?

peace of Christ to you,
Jessica Snell


Emily (Laundry and Lullabies) said...

My word, I am jealous of those botanical prints!! They are lovely. I'm glad your trip went so well, and I'm sorry I couldn't come with you.

Amber said...

Those prints are lovely, and you certainly did quite well for yourself - I'm impressed.

I'm a thrift store failure, personally. I have a horrible time finding anything reasonable or useful, especially when looking at kids clothes. I've all but given up at this point - it seems like all I find is stained and excessively worn stuff, no matter where I go! I read about other people's thrift store finds and I wish I could have the same sort of success, but the only good find I've ever made at a thrift store was a very nice Banana Republic sweater that I bought for $5.

Sylvia said...

"We Help Daddy" was one of our kids favorite Little Golden Books! Ask Sharon sometime...

Tienne said...

YAY for Savers! I've just discovered them myself and try to go every couple weeks.

I, too, shop with a list. Otherwise I walk right by something and don't even remember I need it (like a water pitcher or a hand soap dispenser or something.)

I bought a cast iron pan there the other day for $1.00 and I'm using it almost every morning to make my eggs. Good deal!

Ruthie said...

My husband is the thrift store king. We live in a really nice neighborhood (though we're in grad housing), so have a high-end Goodwill within walking distance. He's found a Coach leather briefcase for a few dollars (then sent to Coach to have restored for $20) he gave his bro. for graduation, for us Mulholland Bro. luggage, tons of fancy clothes and suits and shoes, a silver cross stroller we needed, etc. You just have to be consistent. So fun to beat the system!