Tuesday, October 2, 2007

a submissive wife

Though I'm still sick, I'm getting better (at least, in my world, not having a headache every day counts as "better") and I'm trying to reclaim that second-trimester energy I was feeling a couple weeks ago.

To that end, I have gotten on the ball with the writing thing, and have submitted two queries to two different magazines in the past three days. I have two more planned before the end of the week (here's hoping!). Submitting a query is, always, a long-odds thing - your odds of being accepted are never terribly high, and your likely rejection rates are. But, here's what I keep telling myself: "Bad as the submission odds are, my chances of my queried article being accepted are much, much better than my chances of my UNqueried articles being accepted." :D Yeah, I think the chances of an unsubmitted article being accepted are zero, and so the ratio of queried chances to unqueried chances works out to infinity. I think. (English's my thing, not math.)

Anyway, I was talking to my husband, excitedly, about my article submissions ('cause, well, after the first-trimester+being-sick slump, being productive, even of queries, feels SO GOOD) and he laughed, and said, "Ah, you're such a submissive wife."

okay, and on that bad pun, I will leave you. G'night!

peace of Christ to you,
Jessica Snell


Mom to 5...Daughter of the King said...

LOL! that is funny! i hope you get to feeling better soon! i am always miserable pregnant lady. I taught English for a while and always said it was my because my math skills were horrible!

Emily (Laundry and Lullabies) said...

Ok, that IS a bad pun. But it made me laugh. :)

Tienne said...

Good for you submitting your work! I have yet to do that, despite a few stories that could conceivably be sent in. I'm so very impressed with what you're accomplishing even while pregnant and mothering! I was a useless lump of sick exhaustion while I was pregnant, so I'm all the more impressed. :)