Tuesday, July 31, 2007

surely there's a sermon illustration in there

I know someone who gets really excited when weird things happen to him and his wife, because he knows he can always use it as a sermon illustration.

Well, I have no pulpit, but I do have a blog, and yesterday I had a sermon illustration moment.

After supper, my husband and I were getting the kids ready to go for a walk. The plan was to put them in their carrier backpacks and hike to the park with them. So Adam got the backpacks out of the garage, and they were sitting in the living room while we got shoes and hats on the four of us.

That was when Gamgee discovered that one of his pacifiers (which he now only gets at bedtime and naptime and during church) was attached to Adam's backpack by a lanyard. So Adam found our son bent over awkwardly, scrunched and uncomfortable, and sucking away on his binky.

Surely there's a sermon illustration in that, right? What comes to my mind is that this is what our old, immature habits do to us. The ones we've outgrown. The ones that are perhaps permissible, but that are no longer beneficial. We snatch at them anyway, old comforts that they are, but find that enjoying them makes us crumple ourselves into odd, uncomfortable positions, because really, we're too big now for a binky.

Just a thought, courtesy of a really cute one and a half year old.

peace of Christ to you,
Jessica Snell


Tienne said...

I like that analogy! I popped over here from Et-Tu and wanted to let you know your comment on her SAHM/Ambitious women post was so spot on and exactly how I feel about things, too. :) I got there too late to chime in on the discussion, but wanted to let you know how much I liked your comment.

Jennifer F. said...

Not to tempt you back to blogging, but have you seen this poll? I was glad to see your site on there! :)